BDS Productions, LLC is a fully integrated entertainment company and a leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of family entertainment.

BDS Productions was originally founded in 1949 as a music company, producing live productions for local radio stations. The company continued to produce live events for radio broadcast, eventually focusing on what would become “Country-Western” music. In the early 1970s, BDS expanded to include the production, marketing and distribution of publications. In the 1980s, BDS re-focused on live events, producing concerts, variety shows and sporting events. In the 1990s, BDS began production of television programs and embraced digital production in the 2000s.

BDS Productions strives to be a responsible and active corporate citizen who seeks to have a positive impact on its employees, audiences and communities


The BDS Productions home entertainment division brings together all of its businesses involved in the digital delivery of entertainemnt content to consumers.

Home Entertainment

BDS Productions produces, markets and distributes wholesome and trusted films that inspire, uplift, challenge and captivate audiences.

Motion Picture

BDS Productions with Darlene Austin and Vinecreek Music of Nashville are currently developing the live theatre production “Hillbilly HotSpot” for national release.

Live Theatre

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